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Drawings of Valletta station

The viaduct over the Main Ditch at the Valletta Terminus

It was natural that the main station at Valletta should be sited at a convenient place within the city walls next to the Opera House which was destroyed during the Second World War. The imposing station building had a Booking Office and a room for the Manager. The rest of the building was taken up with stairways that led down to the platform level, 30 feet below street level, most of which was in a tunnel cut in the rock that extended beneath the station building and the Opera House. The tunnel is now used as a car park and access is through the doorway next to the Tourist Information Office and down the stairway. Some years after the opening, the station was extended and a ramp was constructed from street level down to platform level. A loop line allowed the locomotives to run round the carriages and a small siding was used to stand carriages.

The line passed over the main ditch on a 5 span viaduct constructed from timber to satisfy the military authority who considered that a timber construction would be relatively easy to demolish and thus not compromise the defence of the city. After closure in 1890 the timber viaduct was considered to be unsafe and was replaced by a more substantial masonry structure during 1891.