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Hamrun Station is used today by the Hamrun Boy Scouts

Hamrun station was 1 mile 635 yds. from Valletta with two platforms housing waiting rooms and a ticket and luggage office. The single track was dualled to allow trains to pass. Part of the site was taken up with sidings for locomotive and rolling stock. It was from Hamrun that the operation of the railway was directed. It is not surprising that that the only semaphore signal on the line was sited on this short section of track to control the complex movement of locomotives and rolling stock. The main control of the railway was by telephone using a series of rings to notify stations and guard huts of approaching trains.

Until the Technical school and Engineering Training Workshop was opened in 1895 any major maintenance work had to be undertaken at the Naval Dock Yard at Valletta.

To day the Workshop building is now used by Benna fresh milk products.