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Floriana to Hamrun

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Map 3

The six arched viaduct near the Porte des Bombes

The line continued for a further 150 yds. in tunnel under the Argotti Botanical Gardens and St Phillip Gardens to the exit at St Philip's Bastion near to Porte Des Bombes. Here was sited the first of the 14 railway guard huts G.H. No1.

The line continued under the Fausse Braye through a short 33 yds. long tunnel before passing over a viaduct, constructed from timber on War Office instructions, that carried the line over the drop ditch near the Porte des Bombes. In 1894 the timber viaduct was replaced with a six arched masonry structure at a cost of £655.

A short distance further the line passed over the Princess Melita Road on a 3 span structure. The side spans were masonry arches and the central span used iron girders, presumably to give more headroom to vehicles passing beneath, supported on masonry abutments attached to the side span arches. This area is now the site of the new road interchange. A small masonry wall marks the site of the old 3 span viaduct.

Only a matter of a few yds. further a single masonry arched bridge carried the line over the access road to the Ta' Braxia cemetery.

The line continued and ran almost parallel to the San Giuseppe road, Triq Nazzjonali, the Texaco Garage is built over the old line, passing the Spencer Monument, the Mile End sports ground and the backs of the houses before reaching Hamrun station. G.H. No 2 was sited approximately 1 mile from Valletta at the junction with the access road to the Mile End sports ground. G. H. No 3 was sited at 1mile 250 yds., on the corner of Triq Mile End and Triq Schembri , just after the sports ground. Today the area just before Hamrun station is used by Benna milk products, the workshop building is just visible in the background.