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Almost 17 miles long, the trail can be joined at many points and follows for some of its length the route of The Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal. Built at the end of the 18th Century the canal formed a continuous route linking Salford, Bolton & Bury. The features and details of the canal are contained in the Towing Path guide. This section focuses on the Heritage that is a result of the growth of Salford, Bolton & Bury and offers an opportunity to make a link with our past. Over the next few months further information relating to the various places along the trail will be added using links. If you have any information that you would like to share with others who have an interest in the area and its history please use the email address below.

Alan Taylor August 2000. 

Sacred Trinity Church to Clifton Aqueduct 5 miles.

The trail starts at Sacred Trinity church, Chapel Street Salford and follows Chapel Street passing under the railway bridge to the junction with Trinity Way. Proceed along Chapel Street, passing on the right the former Salford Town Hall, Bexley Square, St John's Cathedral and St Philip's Church, to the junction with Oldfield Road and Adelphi Street. On the corner of Chapel Street and Adelphi Street stands the old Salford Royal Hospital. 

Salford Cathedral
The trail carries straight on and follows The Crescent. On the right is a loop in the River Irwell and the start of Salford University Campus. Continue past The University of Salford's Maxwell Hall, Salford Museum and Art Gallery famous for its L.S. Lowry connection and Peel Building. Opposite the Museum and Art Gallery and is the old Fire Station Building and Acton Square. The corner house, Joule House, is named after the famous physicist James Prescott Joule. On the other side of Acton Square stands Jubilee house, built as a nurses' home, which now houses the Working Class Movement Library. At the end of the square in the area now used as a car park stood Christ Church.

Continue along The Crescent over Windsor Bridge, passing the Heywood Monument to Frederick Road and the original site of Salford Grammar School. The trail follows Broad Street to Broughton Road and Pendleton Church. Proceed along Broughton Road over the railway and Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal to the junction with Langley Road South. Turn left and continue along Langley Road South passing Holland Street and Indigo Street to Park House Bridge Road. Turn left and continue along Park House Bridge Road until the Canal towing path is reached.

The trail follows the towing path to Lumn's Aqueduct passing under Agecroft Road. On the right, on the site of the old Power Station, stands Forest Bank, a new prison. Continue along the towing path to Clifton Aqueduct passing on the left the rear of MEL and Chloride factory sites before passing under Hogg's Bridge and Thirteen Arches Railway Viaduct.

Thirteen Arches Railway Viaduct & Clifton Aqueduct

Clifton Aqueduct to Nob End 3 miles.

At Clifton Aqueduct it is possible to continue straight on and follow Fletcher's Canal and explore Wet Earth Colliery and Clifton Country Park. To continue along the trail cross Clifton Aqueduct, turn left, and follow the path, with the river on the left. Go under the motorway viaduct to Red Rock Lane passing on the right Rhodes Lock, and the site of New Outwood Brick Works. At the junction with Red Rock Lane stood Kilcoby Bridge, now filled.

Ringley Stocks
Turn left and follow Red Rock Lane passing the garden centre on the left and Giant's Seat House on the right, until Ringley Fold Waste Treatment Works is reached. Follow the path that runs to the right along the metal boundary fence to Giant's Seat cottage and locks.  

The trail takes a sharp left and follows the boundary fence at the rear of the Treatment Works, crossing Bank Field Street passing passing Bank Field Mill and Ringley St. Saviour's church before reaching Fold Road and the Horse Shoe Inn and Ringley Village. On the left are the old Stocks, Ringley Tower and Ringley Bridge. The trail crosses Fold Road and follows the towing path to a set of steps up to Kearsley Road. Cross Kearsley Road and take the path almost opposite to Ringley Locks. Continue along the towing path over the River Irwell at Prestolee Aqueduct to Prestolee Locks. At the bottom of the Locks turn right and follow the path up Prestolee Road to the top of the Locks. The large house opposite the top lock was until recently the Nob Inn.

Nob End to Bolton Parish Church 3 miles

At the top of Prestolee Locks follow the towing path passing the old Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal maintenance building with the river Croal on the left in the valley below. The canal is in water to Hall Lane and on the left just before the dam can be seen Rock Hall and Moses Gate Country Park. At the dam, once the site of Farnworth Bridge Collieries, follow the path to the left, down the hill and cross Hall Lane. Continue for a short distance along Fogg Lane and take the rising path on the right to rejoin the filled canal. Proceed along the towing path to Radcliffe Road. Turn left at Radcliffe Road passing the Farmers Arms on the right and follow the road down the hill passing the site of Dam Side Aqueduct. Pass under the Railway Viaduct, cross the River Tonge and start the climb up Hag End Brew, passing on the right St Stephen & All Martyrs Leverbridge. 

Continue along Radcliffe Road and Castle Street to the junction with Bradford Street. Turn left and proceed along Bradford Street, passing Haulgh Hall, over St Peter's Way and along Bridgeman Place to Bradshawgate. Turn right and continue along Bradshawgate to the junction with Infirmary Street and Nelson Square. The trail follows Infirmary Street turning right at Mawdsley Street and left into Exchange Street to Victoria Square, the Town Hall, and Le Mans Crescent.

From Victoria Square proceed along Oxford Street to Deansgate, turn right and continue along Deansgate and Churchgate to Bolton Parish Church and Parish Hall passing the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Old Three Crowns Pub, the Market Cross and Ye Olde Man & Scythe. Other places of interest Hall i'th' Wood

The Market Cross, Churchgate and Bolton Parish Church


Nob End to Bury Parish Church 6 miles

At the top of Prestolee Locks follow the towing path along the dry section passing the 1936 breached section. Continue under Bailey Bridge and along the side of the industrial building passing Ladyshore dam, Ladyshore Colliery, Ladyshore Bridge, Mount Sion Steam Crane and Mount Sion Bleach Works. The trail continues along the towing path under Mount Sion Bridge, Nickerhole Bridge, Scotson Fold Bridge and Victoria Street Footbridge to Water Street. Cross Water street and pass along the left gable of the Royal Oak, down a set of steps to the towing path and the site of Radcliffe Town Wharf. Continue along the towing path passing under Whittaker's No 2 Bridge, Withins Bridge, Rothwell Bridge, Bank Top Bridge to Daisyfield Dam. At Bank Top Bridge, Elton Feeder reservoir and the overflow weir are visible.

Sir Robert Peel Statue & The Two Tubs

The trail continues along the path to Wellington Street and Daisyfield Railway Viaduct. Turn right at the railway Viaduct and follow the path over the river to Bridge street. Cross Bridge street and continue along the path that runs at the side of Bury Grammar School to Belle View Terrace.

Cross Manchester road pass the Whitehead Tower and follow Knowsley street passing the New Town Hall Building to Angouleme Way. Cross Angouleme Way and continue along Haymarket and Market street to Market Place and Bury Parish Church, passing the Kay Monument and The Old Town Hall. Also of interest a statue of Sir Robert Peel, The Two Tubs, The Wylde, the site of Bury Castle and the East Lancashire Railway.