The Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal


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*** Updated 24th May 2002

Originally the canal connected the centres of Salford, Bolton and Bury. From Salford to Nob End was 8 miles and with 17 locks. From Nob End to Bolton was a further 3 miles and on the level. From Nob End to Bury was almost a further 5 miles and was also on the level making a total length of almost 16 miles.


Dry sections

The first 2.56 miles from the River Irwell to Park House Bridge Road, the last 2.26 miles from Hall Lane to Church Wharf and the last .96 mile from Daisyfield Dam to Woodhill Road have suffered most at the hands of the builders. In addition the Breach section of .37 mile, the section from *** Clifton Aqueduct to Ringley Locks *** of 2.36 miles and the section from Lumns Dam to Hoggs Bridge of .73 mile adds up to a total of almost 9.25 miles that is no longer in water, representing almost 60% of the original length.

Water sections

There are six sections of water some in better condition than others. The largest section of 1.88 miles is from Ladyshore Dam to Water Street. The others are, Water Street to Daisyfield Dam 1.68 miles, Park House Bridge Road to Lumns Dam 1 mile, Prestolee Aqueduct to Ringley Locks .88 mile, Nob End to Hall Lane .75mile and the shortest at Hoggs Bridge to Clifton Aqueduct of .18 mile